Cleaning out after a hoarder is only one step of the process. Due to the often-times immense buildup of food, waste, and organic material, the surfaces underneath the items are most likely in need of deep-cleaning. In severe hoarding cases, it is common to find mold growth along walls and on floors, which needs to be treated as soon as it is found before it continues to spread.

Most hoarding cleanup companies stop once all of the debris has been removed from the property. At Northeast Hoarder Help, we have created packages that range from simple debris removal & disposal to full-service cleanup which includes steam cleaning, disinfecting, scrubbing floors and walls, and more. We have packages to fit any project and budget, so customers know they are receiving the best value with Northeast Hoarder Help.

Hoarder cleanout company
Post-Hoarding Cleaning Services

Some hoarding cleanup companies offer the same post-hoarding services we do, but subcontract them out to the lowest bidder. This means that the level of quality, service, and professionalism is compromised which is not to be taken lightly when dealing with a hoarding situation. It is important that all employees working in the hoarder’s home have been trained accordingly and act professional and compassionate at all times.